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Code Compliant

   Norseman’s products are built with compliance in mind, leaving nothing overlooked. Each one of our units is manufactured in the United States from domestic equipment. Our designs comply with the strict industry regulations and requirements such as IBC, NEC, OSHA, and NFPA.
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We are recognized as a leading provider of infrastructure solutions in the industry supply chain. Norseman’s approach allows businesses to create economic growth while staying on budget, protecting people, and preserving the environment.

Safe & Secure

We incorporate cutting edge safety features in our designs to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent damage to property. Many of our units have fire rated exterior walls to prevent fire from burning its way in or out. Automated control systems are incorporated into some of our industrial units to reduce or eliminate the dangers of human error or negligence.


Whether you are established in the industry, or just starting out, Norseman has a full catalog of both portable and permanent infrastructure options. We have solutions for all of your extraction, commercial, industrial, cultivation, harvesting and processing needs.

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Portable & Dependable

We strive to make delivery and setup as simple as possible. Our units can be placed nearly anywhere and quickly secured in place if desired or required. All utility connections are designed to be easily accessible and simple to connect. Once in place you can rely on our units to withstand the elements and years of abuse. We’ve made them to last.
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When you work with Norseman, you have access to our team of industry leaders. Our collective experience and knowledge has provided the necessary solutions for the needs of businesses across the United States and abroad.

Brains & Beauty

Our designers enjoy making form meet function. They use their extensive backgrounds in engineering and architecture to create products that are both functional and appealing. We have also designed them to be customizable. There are many options for outfitting your unit both inside and out, including adding a specific exterior cladding or paint to match your architectural style.


Norseman has consistently risen to the challenge of meeting the rigorous demands and regulations for projects around the globe. We push ourselves to exceed client expectations with our innovative solutions and industry insights. 

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All things modular

In addition to pre-manufactured modular units we offer modular wall and ceiling panel systems to outfit your existing space. Once the walls are in place, we can supply you with all of the HVAC and C1D1 (explosion-proof) equipment you need to get up and running, under budget. 
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Our experts strive to produce all inclusive packages using the most cost effective solutions for your project. We’ve found the best way to ensure our clients get the best function and value is to design things ourselves! We excel at creating masterful facility designs incorporating cost-effective products we have vetted.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

   The modular building process is revolutionizing the way that the world builds. It’s no wonder more and more people choose to build modular for the ultimate rapid, cost-effective, and efficient construction option.


   Modular building projects are completed offsite and brought to your location complete or palletized for quick assembly by site professionals. A controlled construction environment ensures quality control.


   Since the modular portion of construction is completed offsite, there will be less down time for construction. You can keep your business running smoothly with minimal disruption.


   Modular building projects can be completed 25-50% faster than traditional construction methods. Since they’re built offsite, the site work (foundations, trenching, etc.) can be complete simultaneously, plus there are no weather delays.


   The value created by the inclusive design and the site labor reduction mean that modular construction will cost less than traditional construction in the long run. Not to mention the superior insulation providing a saving in energy costs.


   This building concept revolves around customizing the design and floorplan for your project and budget. It is perfect for adding to an existing structure or building from scratch.


   There are a multitude of material options, designs, and styles to choose from. Matching or upgrading your current architectural style or creating something new can be done with ease.


   Modular construction techniques are kind to our environment. They utilize recycled materials and are manufactured in a controlled environment, so they produce much less jobsite waste.


   Modular construction projects use the most durable materials to ensure the life of your investment. With superior impact resistance, cleanability, airtightness, sound insulation, and fire ratings these systems are built to last.

When you choose to build modular, you’ll benefit from a fast, cost-effective, and efficient process with durable and environmentally friendly materials. Norseman specializes in delivering all of these positive aspects to your door.

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